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"From our family to yours."

An in-home, family breeder intentionally raising Doodle puppies
destined to become beloved family members.



Mini, medium and standard F1, F1b and multigenerational Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. We have happy customers all over the United States and Canada. See the links below for our latest litters.


​If you are looking for a great family dog with a loving disposition, hypoallergenic traits and smart, you’ve hit the right website. Mama Bates Doodles was birthed out of the quality, dependability and relationship with RedLetter Doodles. As guardian owners for two RedLetter Doodle Goldendoodles, we came to appreciate the family-friendly demeanor and intelligence of these dog lines. So, we thought, why not make them available to families in the Midwest.

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We, Mick and Andrea (also called Mama Bates), are lifetime dog parents. A number of years ago, Mick bred American-style field trial Labrador retrievers with the same family-friendly and intelligence tendencies. Mama Bates was known to rescue dogs, and when Mick and Mama met, she had a large Golden Retriever and a black Scottish Terrier, what a pair!

Our dogs live in the home as part of the family and have plenty of room to run in a supervised manner on the five-acre lot. Gidget and Luna are well socialized with the family along with the many college students who hang out in our home. Sometimes we wonder if our grandkids love the dogs more than Grandpa and Mimi. Our objective is that you too will enjoy your Goldendoodle as much as we love ours.

While Mama and I love all types of dogs, for our money, Goldendoodles have proven to be the best investment. Their loving hearts, tendency not to shed and ease of training, make them super family dogs. We hope you agree and would love to see you become a member of the RedLetter Doodle/Mama Bates Doodles family. Please peruse the site and do not hesitate to contact us with questions. For more information and testimonials on RedLetter Doodles dogs, see also RedLetter Doodles Owners and RedLetter Doodles on Facebook or RedLetter Doodles Instagram or Mama Bates Doodles Instagram.

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